The story of baby Gammy

This is such a sad story if it is true,I do not know how anyone could separate twins like this, I hear that money is being raised to help baby Gammy  get the medical treatment that he will need. I can imagine the couple,probably felt they would not be able to care for a child with complex needs,but to take away his twin sister who does not have downs syndrome,it just does not seem right to me..I hope that when  Gammys’ twin sister is older her biological parents will tell her that she has a twin brother. The surrogate mother who lives in Bangkok says that she is determined to bring up baby Gammy who is critically ill.She says she will take care of him on her own and she says she will not give him to anybody, The article says Gammy was abandoned by his biological Australian parents.. Six month old Gammy is ill in  hospital. Many Australians are said to be appalled at the plight of baby Gammy,there are said to be offers of adoption,and a fund raising campaign to cover the cost of this wonderful little boys medical treatment has raised approximately$122,000. According to the article there seems to be a lot of legal issues going on in Australia,but I just think that IF baby Gammy was left behind because he has downs syndrome,well speaking as someone who has worked with children and adults with downs syndrome,the biological parents have missed out on the opportunity to bring a ray of beautiful sunshine into their lives and also into the life of his twin sister.But of course it would not have been an easy decision for them to make and we don’t know the whole story ..As I have written before in this article the twin sister should be told when she is older that she has a twin brother.. I am sure it was a hard decision for the biological parents to make,and there is probably more to this sad story than is being told at the moment,but it’s such a sad sad story for everyone involved.. I hope and pray that this wonderful little boy will come through his medical treatments, I Know they wont  read this but I just want to say to all the people making donations for Gammys treatment  you are all wonderful caring people.. I would like to know what you think,please read the article,if you can click through on the link, if not you may have to copy the url into your address bar. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am putting the link to  the full  story below,I hope the link iworks


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