Please Mind The Step!

I wish I had taken notice of the title of this article, because I did the complete opposite(DOH)!

The other evening I came in from work went into the kitchen and started to prepare my evening meal I could hear my cat demanding to be fed by his continuing meowing outside the back door ..

After I had  prepped my evening meal I filled the cats bowls with his food and water, I turned around, picked up the back door key opened the back door, tried to side step out of the way of the hissing and snarling  cat(okay the snarling part is a slight exaggeration:)) and as I went to avoid him I completely missed the step and went tumbling to the ground  twisting my ankle.Now did the cat I have fed and taken care of for the last few years show any concern…no siree Bob! He strolled over in a “what took you so long to open the door?” kind of way, looked at me lying prostrate on the ground looked me up and down then strolled over to his bowl of food ate his fill gave himself a good all- round clean up, curled up in a ball and went to sleep…(You just gotta love the  the independent’ it’s all about me’ of the independent cat don’t ya!)

Any way, I have broken a bone in my ankle and my leg is in plaster,my daughter and grandson have been stars,my grandson who is only two years old said to his daddy that he wanted to ‘visit  gran ma to make her happy” and he does make me so happy he is the most gorgeous grand son  any grand mother could ask for,and my daughter has been amazing, if you read this my beautiful daughter I just want to say thank you,you have been a star.

I am usually a person who likes to be out and about working and doing out door things so I am getting a little bit bored but I am getting out now, taking walks(well hobbling really..) to the shops,library’s just so good to be out.

Any way to anyone who reads this article always remember to Please mind the step wherever those steps might be…

And thank you for taking the time to read this article,I will probably do an update for any one who may be interested as to when the plaster will come off,and how my independent and much loved cat is doing.. Have a lovely day..And keep on blogging!





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