Please Mind The Step!

A Somer's Day

I wish I had taken notice of the title of this article, because I did the complete opposite(DOH)!

The other evening I came in from work went into the kitchen and started to prepare my evening meal I could hear my cat demanding to be fed by his continuing meowing outside the back door ..

After I had  prepped my evening meal I filled the cats bowls with his food and water, I turned around, picked up the back door key opened the back door, tried to side step out of the way of the hissing and snarling  cat(okay the snarling part is a slight exaggeration:)) and as I went to avoid him I completely missed the step and went tumbling to the ground  twisting my ankle.Now did the cat I have fed and taken care of for the last few years show any concern…no siree Bob! He strolled over…

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