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Things to do with the little one….

Living True

My daughter was telling me about her friend’s 2nd grade twin girls who love play-dough except that one is allergic to commercial brands – it exacerbates her eczema! I offered to make up a batch for them and came upon the perfect recipe! I settled on The Imagination Tree’s   version of Best Ever No-Cook Play Dough. I even had all the ingredients on hand, including the glycerin.

This was not what I considered a no-fail recipe. For my first try, I followed the recipe and used my kitchen machine to help with the kneading. I thought it was too sticky so added a bit more flour and continued kneading. To my surprise and dismay the dough started to break down and just got stickier and stickier. Disaster! Not being one to give up, I tossed the batch out, cleaned the bowl, various utensils and started over reminding myself…

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#BringBackOurGirls 100 days later

Day 108 and they still haven’t been returned. So sad!

The Brixton Housewife

Over the past 100 days I have:

pottered in my garden.


helped my husband lay new flooring.

written school reports.

protested for Palestine.

bitched with friends.

received flowers.

been overdrawn.

attended a street festival.

laid in the sunshine.

argued with loved ones.

bought new artwork.


witnessed the dashed hopes and dreams of a nation.

taught Zumba to my class.


received callaloo and cabbage seeds from a stranger.

hoovered (ok I’m not fooling anyone) hoovered.

listened to my unborn baby’s heartbeat.

felt fat.

stalked on Facebook.

watched a human chess match.


found it impossible to sleep.

eaten Nandos.

watched TV.

participated in a treasure hunt.

joined the TEDx Brixton event team.

had a pedicure.

rushed to hospital.

attended a beautiful wedding.

Over the past 100 days the Chibok girls have:


How quickly the world forgets. ©Sarah Peace How quickly the world forgets. Photograph S Peace ©

Yesterday marked 100 days since the girls…

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Diaries of a gardening novice June

I love gardening!

The Brixton Housewife

Diaries of a gardening novice


After my last minute pond purchase,  I felt that I also needed a Buddha…  Yes random, but it looks down directly into the back bedroom sending peaceful energy and sweet dreams to all who reside there…OK that isn’t actually guaranteed, but as I bought the Buddha from a charity shop I know that my money has gone to a good cause! Bring on the Karma… and peaceful energy and sweet dreams.

It's beginning to take shape.. It’s beginning to take shape..

I really enjoyed buying all the different plants; I searched local nurseries, markets and friends gardens for any and every cheap shade loving plant.  Covering the soil with wood chip will hopefully save on weeding and also makes the garden look almost “finished” [Please imagine this last sentence being said in an expert gardener voice]

The rustic look... Starting to look “ship shape”

All hands to deck… (Covers eyes at realisation of…

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